DBConvert Studio 2023

DBConvert Studio

This article will show you how to free download and install DBConvert Studio v3.0.6 on your PC. To install DBConvert Studios v3.0.6 on your PC, please follow the instructions and direct download link.

Table of Contents

  • Software
  • DBConvert Studio v3.0.6 System Requirements
  • How to download and install DBConvert Studio v3.0.6
  • Required files

More information about the software

DBConvert Studio is a cross database migration and synchronization tool that converts between database formats and database structures.

It combines DBSync Cores and DBConvert, which are proven to be stable and reliable, with an updated UX design.

We support all popular databases – from old file-based formats to modern on-premise and cloud databases.

It is possible to configure target and source database connections for any MS Windows or Linux server, as well as BSD databases servers.

DBConvert Studio optimizes to achieve the highest throughput in your environment. Your target database, your network, and your disk are the bottlenecks. But not all databases can be as fast. Microsoft Access is not as fast as MS SQL Server and PostgreSQL, but it can be used as a target. DBConvert Studio dynamically adapts its algorithms to get the most out of your databases.

The main features of DBConvert Studio are:

  • 1-year of free upgrades;
  • The software comes with complete documentation.
  • Interactive (GUI) mode and command line mode;
  • Access to all Unix-like, Linux and Mac OSX machines, as well as IBM, Amazon and Solaris database servers.
  • Unicode support (utf-8/utf-16);
  • Field default values conversion;
  • Field mapping;
  • Quantization option
  • Bulk insert option;
  • Migration of Primary keys and Indices
  • Foreign keys (relations) conversion;
  • Conversion of AutoIncrement and AutoNumber fields
  • Replacing of symbols in names of tables and fields automatically reserved for DBMS internal purposes with substitute symbols;
  • Task scheduler automates the conversion process
  • Saving Sessions/ jobs. All settings can be saved to be restored later.
  • OLE Object packages support;
  • Support for MS Access Work Groups
  • Data array support for MS Access-related tools
  • Microsoft Access Support in Office 2010

DBConvert Studio v3.0.6 System Requirements

  • Windows 11/10/8/7
  • Linux via WINE
  • Mac OSX via Windows Wine

How to download and install DBConvert Studio v3.0.6

  1. To download the files, click on the button(s) that appears below. Depending upon your download speed, it may take several minutes to several hours.
  2. Extract the downloaded files. For more information on extracting files, please refer to this article. QWERTY is always the password to extract!

  3. Run Setup.exe. Install the software