Autodesk EAGLE Premium 2023

Autodesk EAGLE Premium

This article shows you how to download and install the full version of Autodesk EAGLE Premium v9.6.2 for free on PC. To install Autodesk EAGLE v9.6.2 on a computer, please follow the steps and direct download link.

Table of contents

  • About the software
  • Autodesk EAGLE Premium 9.6.2 System Requirements
  • How to download and install Autodesk EAGLE Premium version 9.6.2
  • Required files

Information on the software

EAGLE (electronic design automation) software allows printed circuit board (PCB), designers to seamlessly connect schematic diagrams and component placement.

Fusion 360, along with EAGLE’s capabilities inside its Electronics Workspace allows for MCAD, true 3D modelling and collaboration as well as simulation and manufacturing all in one application.

With a complete range of PCB layout and schematic editing software, library content and community-driven options, you can bring your electronic inventions life.

Autodesk EAGLE Plus Premium’s main features include:

  • Software for PCB layout is available to every engineer
  • Schematic editor
  • SPICE simulator
  • Modular design blocks
  • Electronic rule-checking
  • Real-time design synchronization
  • Instruments for intuitive alignment
  • Push and shove routing

Autodesk Autodesk Autodesk Elite Premium v9.6.2 Requirements

  • Microsoft(r), Windows(r) 7 and higher are required
  • EAGLE 64bit requires a 64 bit operating system.
  • Minimum graphics resolution is 1024×768 pixels. Preferably, a three-button wheel mouse.

How do I download and install Autodesk EAGLE Premium version 9.6.2

  1. To download the files, click on the button(s) that appears below. Depending on your download speed, this may take a few minutes or several hours.
  2. Extract the downloaded files. For more information on extracting files, please refer to this article. QWERTY will always be your password for extracting.

  3. Run Setup.exe, and then install the software