Stellarium Astronomy Software 2023

Stellarium Astronomy Software

This article explains how to get the full version Stellarium Astronomy Software V0.22.2 free of charge on your PC. To install Stellarium Astronomy Software version 0.22.2 on your computer, please follow the link and the instructions below.

Table of contents

  • Software
  • sky
  • Interface
  • visualization


Stellarium Astronomy Software v0.22.2 System Requirements



How to Download and Install Stellarium Astronomy Software V0.22.2

Files that are required

About the software

Stellarium is a free and open-source program that will allow you to create a planetarium on your own computer. It recreates the 3D view of the sky with binoculars and a telescope.

The main features of Stellarium Astronomy Software are:


  • Over 600,000 stars are in the default catalog
  • Additional catalogs with more that 177 million stars
  • Over 80,000 deep-sky objects in the default catalog
  • Extra catalog with more than 1,000,000 deep-sky object
  • Illustrations and asterisms for the constellations
  • These constellations are suitable for more than 40+ cultures
  • Images of Nebulae (full Messier Catalog)
  • Realistic Milky Way
  • It is very realistic atmosphere. Sunrise and sunset.
  • The satellites of planets
  • All-sky Surveys (DSS, HiPS).


  • a powerful zoom
  • Time control
  • multilingual interface
  • The fisheye projection is for planetarium domes
  • For a low-cost dome, use spheric projection to project spheric mirrors
  • The graphical interface and extensive keyboard controls are both available.
  • Telescope control


  • Multiple coordinate grids
  • precession circles
  • star twinkling
  • Shooting stars
  • Tails of comets
  • Simulation of the eclipse
  • supernovae and novae simulation
  • exoplanet locations
  • 3D Sceneries
  • Skinnable landscapes using spheric panorama projection


  • Plugin system to add artificial satellites and ocular simulation, telescope control and more
  • Ability to add new solar objects online
  • Add your deep sky objects, landscapes and constellation images to create your own scripts

Stellarium Astronomy Software v0.22.2 System Requirements


  • Linux/Unix, Windows 7 and higher; Mac OS X 10.12.0; and Other
  • OpenGL 3.0, GLSL 1.3, or OpenGL ES 2.0 is supported by the 3D graphics card
  • RAM 512 MiB
  • 600 MiB on disk
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse, Touchpad, or similar pointing device

  • Linux/Unix: Windows 7 and Above; Mac OS X 10.12.0 & Above
  • OpenGL 3.3 and higher is supported by the 3D graphics card
  • 1 GiB RAM or more
  • 1.5 GiB on disk
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse, Touchpad, or similar pointing device
  • Ambient moderately dark (indoors or deep shadow)

How do I download and install Stellarium Astronomy Software, v0.22.2

  1. You can click on the below download button to start downloading the files. Depending on the speed of your download, this could take between a few minutes and a few hours.
  2. Extract the downloaded files. See this article if you are unsure how to extract. QWERTY is the password for extracting.

  3. Run Setup.exe then install the program